AP Memory offers industry’s widest range of specialty DRAM products, including JEDEC compliant Low-power DRAM, Standard DRAM, as well as customized Low-Pin-Count, Self-Refreshed DRAM (Pseudo SRAM) for IoT, Mobile, TCON, IPCAM, Wifi applications. Our products have enabled industry leaders in those areas to ship billions of top performing devices across the globe.

The excellence of our products starts from the product development stage, where we work closely with customers and design with both performance and cost effectiveness in mind. With elegant design, we deliver industry’s smallest size, lowest power DRAM solutions, and the world’s most advanced Pseudo SRAM. Our innovative solution portfolio is even more complete with Zentel, which recently joined AP Memory.

With the top tier support from our foundry partner and our experience in KGD (Known-Good-Die) and SiP (System-in-Package) solutions, we offer our customers best reliability and fastest time-to-market support.

Our product development process will follow the product life cycle of our customers. With more solid quality, reliability, even bigger cost advantage and JIT (Just-In-Time) delivery system. AP Memory provides best solutions from beginning to end.

Our product portfolio is listed as below: