Mobile, wearable and portables

One of the major applications of AP Memory products is mobile, both in smart phones, feature phones and wearable and portable devices.

Typically, these devices require memory with lower standby current, smaller sizes and high reliability. AP Memory products meet these demands with excellent design and KGD expertise. Also, we keep on improving the performances in these categories by working closely with end users and improve them continuously with the most updated understanding of the customer needs.

Our package is the smallest size, lowest pin count and the most convenient to use in this industry with space constrained applications.


Portable or not, these devices has relatively low data volume and last extremely long once setup. So they require memory with lower power consumption, highest cost effectiveness and high durability.

AP Memory has already been regarded as leading supplier for these products due to strong position in Self-Refreshed DRAM (Pseudo SRAM) and low power DRAM market.

PON (Passive optical network), Wifi AP, STB (Set-Top Box), IP-CAM and other home applications

This is a more heterogeneous group with various requirements for specific applications, such as temperature, EMI performance, cost, etc. AP Memory is a true complete solution provider with the industry’s most complete product offerings with high quality.

Industrial and Automotive applications

Besides being more demanding in temperature and reliability performance, this group of applications is more concerned on security of supply, especial over a longer than normal life span of these products. In that regards, As DRAM is such a highly competitive business, even industry giants fail all the time. Just owning a few factories is not enough to ensure long-term support. AP memory enters the business as a technical enabler and a stable solution provider and, different from all other DRAM players, stays profitable during good and bad years. AP Memory delivers. We choose the our own market open-eyed and support our customers all the way with a determined mind and superior capability.